High profile L.A. based attorney contradicts BPD

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High profile L.A. based attorney contradicts BPD

High profile L.A. based attorney contradicts BPD
A high profile Los Angeles attorney is contradicting the version of events released by the Bakersfield Police Department.

Mark Geragos is accusing BPD of a cover-up in Saturday's fatal shooting of Jason Alderman.

Police say Alderman was burglarizing a Subway store on Olive Drive and Roberts Lane.

BPD officers thought Alderman was holding a rifle and BPD says when he raised it at officers, one fired, killing him.

BPD said officers later realized the object Alderman was holding was a BMW vehicle jack.

Geragos said the officer that fired, Senior Officer Chad Garrett, was also involved in the shooting death of a BPD informant.

In September 2013 BPD informant Jorge Ramirez was shot and killed by BPD officers during a felony traffic stop.

Ramirez was in the car with the suspect he was helping police capture.

Geragos says Officer Garrett initially refused to provide a statement to internal affairs.

"The tragic death of Jason Alderman has followed the BPD script of disparagement of their victims, conflicting portrayals of what occurred, and BPD playing fast and loose with the evidence," Geragos said in a statement.

Geragos says The Alderman family was first told by the Sheriff's Department that Jason was shot because he had his hands in his waistband.

They were also told that there was no video footage of the incident and that no other officers at the location witnessed the shooting, according to Geragos

"BPDs current version of the facts is at odds with what was originally told. Employees at the location state that, contrary to what BPD has stated, the video surveillance was rolling and captured the incident but that BPD immediately confiscated the footage," Geragos said.

The Alderman family is devastated and grieving the loss of Jason. Jason leaves behind two young children, a son who is 5 years old and a son who is 2 years old, according to the statement.

The statement continues, "The Alderman family has retained the services of Geragos & Geragos. Mr. Geragos has expressed grave concerns regarding the police practices leading up to this tragic death and BPD's subsequent conduct."

The Geragos firm says they have begun their own investigation and requests anyone with any information to continue calling the firm at 213.625.3900.
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